Neutralize Credit Card Processing
Fees And Save A Big Amount
Every Month!

Neutralize Credit Card Processing Fees And Save A Big Amount Every Month!

Businesses can now save significantly with an ultimate cash
discount program that helps them to remove their credit
card processing fees by up to 100%.

Ezzy Payment – Zero Processing Fees & Cash Discounts

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With Ezzy Payment's Zero-processing, Businesses are saving hundreds and
thousands of dollars on processing
expenses every single month.

With Ezzy Payment's Zero-processing, Businesses are saving hundreds and thousands of dollars on processing expenses every single month.

  • Shrink down processing fees 
  • Save on every transaction
  • Easy Payment Collection 
  • Increase customer retention
  • Favorable outcomes to your bottom line

Ezzy Payment is just One Phonecall
Away, and so are your Savings On
Credit Card Processing Fees.

Ezzy Payment is just One Phone call Away, and so are your Savings On Credit Card Processing Fees.

The process happens automatically, keeping you with the best offers. The zero processing and cash discount program is a resourceful way to stop credit card processing fees and allow your buyers to pay by cash or credit. This program keeps your overhead low, providing a seamless process for purchasing at lower prices. Industries we serve:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Gas Station
  • Liquor store
  • E-commerce
  • Medical
  • Parking & Pharmacy
  • Home Service
  • Non-Profit
Making Merchant Processing Easy

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Benefits of the Cash Discount Program

Small business owners always look for ways to lower overhead costs. Ezzy
Payment’s cash discount programs provide one way of reducing credit
card processing fees. You can enjoy great benefits when your company
implements a cash discount program.

Processing Fees Are Permanently Gone

You will never have to pay the
processing fees with Ezzy
Payment's Cash Discount Program.

Pay only processing fees

If they decide the rewards on their card outweigh the acceptance cost, they will pay with a card. If they wish for the lowest price possible, paying with cash gives them what they want.

It's Easy To Swap

You receive the signs for the store as required by law, and Card Processing Terminal is easy to set up.

Boosted Profits

The cash discount program stops credit card processing fees that help increase your profit margins by 2-3.5% for business.

Low Chargeback Risks

When you motivate customers to
pay in cash, you lower the risk
of a chargeback.

More Cash Payments

While offering customers a lower price on cash payment, most customers pay by cash, which means faster access to money.

5 Best POS Software with 0% Processing fees

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5 Best POS Software with 0% Processing fees

At Ezzy Payment, we offer loans with 0% processing fees.
Apply now and get the funds you need without any extra costs.
Trusted by thousands of satisfied customers.


0% Processing
Interchange Fee
2%-4% of Gross
Transaction Fee
Authorization Fee
Statement Fee
Monthly Minimum
Online Access Fee
Other Junk Fees
No junk fees


Here are the best cash discount programs by Ezzy Payments to save
on processing credit card transactions. Below are a few frequently asked
questions to understand and make it easier for you!

Surcharge vs. Cash Discount - What's the difference?

A surcharge is a fee added to a credit card transaction to offset credit card processing costs. The customer pays more than the advertised price for paying with a credit card.

A Cash Discount is a discount applied to the total amount when a customer pays with cash. The customer pays less than the advertised price for paying with cash, as all the advertised prices are discounted cash prices in the store.

How will the Ezzy Payment benefit the merchants?

Business owners earn significant savings affecting their bottom line by using the Ezzy Payment. The cash discount program eliminates credit card processing fees and increases profit.

What if I would prefer something else to the cash discount program?

Cash Discount programs are money-saving opportunities that are never a “no” from any business. Saving overhead costs is vital for each business, so we designed this program with your needs in mind! We also have the option to interchange plus or flat credit card processing fees for our merchants. If you are still in doubt, why not pick up and give us a call? We’ll help you with the rest. 

Do we have any long-term contracts?

We believe in our service. We offer zero termination fees with no long-term commitment. 

Do you offer POS?

Yes, we have POS Partners who offer the best POS in the industry. We can also get a free POS for business. 

What industries do you serve?

We offer service in all industries in the US. Our current clients are in C-store, Motels, Auto-repair, Restaurants, Liquor Stores, Medical, Construction, Pharmacy, E-commerce, and other retail businesses and locations.

Do you offer 24 hours support?

Yes, you can get support year around seven days a week, 24 hours a day, by giving us a call at +1 (866)553-3999. 

How to start with the Ezzy Payment App Program?

The easiest way is to fill out the details form on the homepage and hit the “Request a Call” button. Our representatives will contact you and guide you with all the required steps to get started and provide you with all the necessary tools. 

Do we need anything additional once we sign up for the program?

We have a ton of prospects for you. We have in list our Free equipment program, or if you wish to check some other complex POS system. Whatever it is, we will have it with you upfront before any costs are associated with anything.

Is Cash discounting allowed in my state?

A cash discount is available throughout the country. However, you must observe the card labels’ rules and regulations as they apply to cash discounts.

Are all types of businesses eligible for the Ezzy Payment App Program?

Yes, mostly all types of businesses are eligible. Feel free to reach out to us for more information

Can I still work with my current POS?

Yes, we provide a free terminal that can work with an ethernet connection. A business owner can still use the current pos and work with our terminals. 

What if the program doesn't work for my business?

If the cash discount program is unsuitable for your business, we offer competitive rates for flat rates or interchange plus pricing for merchants. We can change the processing within no time.

Do you offer technical support?

We offer technical support from Monday to Saturday, 9 am- 9 pm EST. In the case of urgency, our regular support can help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.