Billing Solutions

Billing Solutions

Save on Paper and Reduce Printing Costs

Managing accounts receivable can be made easier for businesses with digital billing. You can save money on paper and postage by using the virtual terminal to create invoices. These invoices can then be sent to clients, who can pay online through their client portal or mobile app.

Digital billing reduces the amount of past due payments by offering customers a fast and easy way to pay their bills online. Our service offers the convenience of recurring billing, eliminating the need for customers to remember to pay each month for ongoing services.

Lower your expenses and improve your collection of invoices with billing solutions from Ezzy Payment.

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Pay Invoices Online

Easily generate invoices and send them to your customers with the option for them to make online payments.

  • Provide customers with a convenient option for making payments and managing recurring bills through an alternative method.
  • Enhance the range of services you offer by incorporating billing into your e-commerce solutions.
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Better Bookkeeping

The virtual terminal’s online billing makes bookkeeping and reporting smooth and effortless.

  • For precise reporting, connect your accounts receivable software.
  • Connect to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and connect with Quick Books for more options.
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No More Mailing Invoices

Businesses and customers save money and time with online billing:

  • Reduce expenses associated with paper, printing, postage, and time spent at the post office.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing paper usage.

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